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Producing cement in the desert – Holcim Apasco plant in Hermosillo, Mexico

This book features a brief technical description of all production stages and an explanation of the green buildings, giving an inspiring view of the latest milestone on Holcim’s journey toward sustainable development. It is a valuable book for learning about and promoting sustainable construction and advocating sustainable cement production.
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The Hermosillo cement plant sets new standards for safety design, thermal efficiency, water efficiency, and environmental stewardship. The administrative building at the Hermosillo plant is a regional landmark of sustainable construction. The most notable of its many green features are the 200-kilowatt photovoltaic system, the largest such commercial installation in Mexico, and the innovative air-conditioning system, the first commercial solar-driven absorption chiller system in Latin America. Daylight is channeled to the center of the building, water consumption is minimized, and graywater is treated in a sanitizing pond and then used for irrigation.
Thermal and electrical energy use and water consumption have been optimized by using the latest generation of technologies in production and control. Cooling water is recycled in a closed-loop system. All storage areas for primary materials and fuel are covered for dust control. The site has been replanted with native species to preserve biodiversity of the local ecosystem and to compensate for the ecological footprint of the plant.

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1st edition
98 pages
55 Illustrations (colored)
15cm x 21 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-7266-0093-8

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