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University building in France – Nantes School of Architecture

The book details the holistic approach of Lacaton & Vassal Architects to the social, economic, and environmental performance of the Nantes School of Architecture. The translation of a minimum budget into a maximum space constitutes a radical break that challenges the standards on which architecture and sustainability are founded.
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The Nantes School of Architecture is generous, adaptable, and multi-functional. Its additional unprogrammed spaces, which were not included in the original brief, open the building up to appropriation, and allow it to remain structurally relevant through the present and well into the future. Lacaton & Vassal Architects more than doubled the school’s usable surface area from 12,500 to 26,000m2, adding 5,000m2 of double-height unprogrammed spaces, plus another 6,000m2 of exterior terraces and balconies. The use of environmentally friendly pre-fabricated building systems dramatically reduced construction costs, while increasing the thermal performance and structural strength of the building. The unprogrammed spaces and structural flexibility prompts students, staff, and the general public to engage with it as productive and creative users of space. As an architecture school, the building makes a long-lasting and influential impression on future generations of architects, who will go on to broadcast its sustainable values nationally and internationally.

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1st edition
88 pages
58 Illustrations (colored)
15cm x 21 cm
Language: English

ISBN: 978-3-7266-0092-1

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