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First Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction 2005/2006

The book describes the 46 construction projects selected by independent expert juries for the regional Holcim Awards 2005 and Global Holcim Awards 2006. The featured projects include winners of Encouragement and “Next Generation” prizes. The book also explains the “target issues” for sustainable construction, which serve as evaluation criteria.
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The book commemorates the first cycle of the Holcim Awards competition 2005/06 and provides a snapshot of the global state of sustainable construction, including expert contributions and descriptions of all 46 prize-winning Holcim Awards projects – and thus illustrates that sustainable construction is important in every country, takes many forms, operates at many scales, incorporates many disciplines, and demands the consideration of many aspects: technical, social, political, economic, environmental, even spiritual or philosophical. Detailed chapters of the book are dedicated to each of the four Holcim Awards global winners; these behind-the-scene essays show the enthusiasm, care, and technical skill that dedicated teams put into their winning projects: Main Station Stuttgart, Germany; San Rafael-Unido, urban integration project, Caracas, Venezuela; Waterpower - Renewal strategy for the Mulini Valley, Italy; and Greening the infrastructure at Benny Farm, Montreal, Canada. The book includes contributions from international proponents of sustainable construction: Marc Angélil and Cary Siress; Klaus Töpfer; Yolanda Kakabadse; Hansjürg Leibundgut; Ashok B. Lall: Saïd Mouline; and Donald Bates.

Product Information
1st edition

pages 200
Illustrations of 46 projects (colored)
23.5 cm x 17.5 cm
Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-37266-0076-1


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